Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis wedding Photography workshop in Boston

Time flies!
I returned home to the US barely 12 days ago and have already completed an absolute wonderful wedding photography workshop (again) with world top wedding photographers, Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis, and got my 3 children all situated with their first day of school today (big successful day for all 3!), let's not even talk about the loads of laundry and the scary huge pile of mail waiting for me after 7 weeks out of the country (although my husband did a great job of paying bills on time).
This last workshop took place in Boston, Bambi and Jerry both hold some very impressive photography curriculum and are today's wedding photographers icon. Their teaching was excellent and covered so many areas of the business, from marketing , photography technique, understanding of light, equipment, editing, to the photographer's social skills... We had some beautiful models to pose and photograph in the streets of Boston, and I met some extraordinary talented photographers who came from all around the USA.
Here are a few images I took during those memorable 3 and half days:

Coming up soon, some baby pictures and a couple weddings I was fortunate to attend to in France, in beautiful country side.


Caroline and her children

Following are a few pictures from a beautiful family.  Caroline's parents are good friends of my parents, they're some of the sweetest people and always so much fun to be around. Unfortunately, the dad was out playing tennis when I took the pictures. The yard is just amazing, typical of the south of France, with gorgeous flowers and lots of little areas, a paradise backdrop for a family session.

The 2 boys,

Their dog, Jack, thinks he's human, once while sitting at their dinner table, I saw him jump on a chair and stay there ready to eat with us.  Here, it seemed he didn't want to be left out of the family portrait.

The youngest didn't care much to smile at my camera, she's so cute, she really didn't need to.

We managed to have the grand mother in a few shots.

The little girl is eating melon under Jack's stare, and although she knew to be careful with him around, he still got the last bite of melon.


Paris workshop 7

This new blog is an exciting tool, and I find myself up late at night editing pictures and uploading new images or surfing the net to view everyone's blog!
Well, these are probably my last images to show, of the fabulous week in Paris under the teaching of acclaimed wedding photographers, Scott Robert Lim (http://www.scottrobertjournal.com/) and Kim Nodurft (http://www.kimnodurft.com/flash/main.swf), let me recommend their workshop to anyone interested in seriously improving their photography.  These two will deliver.  They love their art and will teach you all their knowledge with no bounderies.

I couldn't resist showing you this beautiful castle in whole, some of my dearest memories are right there on the graveled terrasse, I'm so fortunate my parents agreed to hold my wedding reception in this fairy tale chateau.

In the next few shoots, Brandon quickly caught up with Rachel and was twirling her around.


Paris workshop 6

A few more pictures from Montmartre and in front of the Moulin Rouge,

We bought so many tickets to each get a ride on the carousel, and take several pictures,

Our last big "field trip" was to go to Versailles, unfortunatly we discovered they have rigid rules and it would have been impossible for us to use our cameras, beside the tourist flow would have been overwhelming.  Instead we went to Maisons-Laffitte's castle, which isn't all that popular, although magnificient, and we had the place just about to ourselves.  It was a beautiful day, and for me very special since 12 years ago I was married to Henry in that very castle, the place was full of wonderful memories...  

Our reception dinner was in this grandiose room, our table in front of the huge mirror,

We each had 10 minutes with one of the models in the castle, again we prepared our session by practicing on other students, Chryssy (http://www.xanga.com/creativediva) helped me out a lot, I love this picture of her.

That evening, Scott taught us a few tricks with a secondary light, again Chryssy helped with the demonstration,

Paris workshop 5

It's exciting to have so many images to process, but it seems a never ending task!
I took this image in Notre Dame, the candles gave such beautiful light to the people near them.

View of the gargoyles of Notre Dame,

Sherry with the beautiful candle-light,

Back to Montmartre,

Looking down to Paris from Montmartre,

Pauline and Jessika

More picture of my super models,

Boy, does she have a killer smile!

I've been in France for 6 weeks now, and it's time for us to return to Henry, we all miss him terribly.  I'm very fortunate to have had a long visit with my family.

That's it, I'll enjoy having these when I return to the US, I probably won't get to see them for at least a year, my brother and his family live in Africa.


Jessika and Pauline

These beautiful girls are my niece, blond, and her friend, brunette. After the Paris workshop I can't stay "tranquil" and I'm constantly looking around for subjects to photograph, so I hired Jess and Pauline for some practice, they did great and I had fun.  Here are some of my favorites,

My mother dressed Jess with a tunique brought back from a trip to India,

It seemed at first that Jess was a little camera shy, but she quickly warmed up,

Pauline, on the other hand was much more comfortable in front of my lense,

She looks so "reveuse",

 I think they're both beautiful!
More pictures to come from Paris.  Yesterday I took a break from the blog and spend all day in Aix-en Provence, it is so nice for me to walk in the streets of my home town, to anyone who desire to visit France you MUST stop and spend a few days here, it's "la joie de vivre" in France!