Hi everyone,
I have something exciting to share, something new and different. Well, I say new, but it's been done for centuries. It's a modern and fresh look on silhouettes with good use of today's technology. I have lots of original ideas and ways to incorporate this very elegant and timeless art form. Today are 2 examples of expecting mothers portrait of recent pregnancy sessions I shot. I'm very happy with the outcome and think these would look lovely in the new baby's room. And wait until I show you what I have in mind for children, graduation, couples... can you tell I'm giddy with enthusiasm?
I'm out of town at the moment, in Boston, to cheer my husband who will be running in THE marathon on Monday. The weather is just splendid, and I'm hoping it will stay the same for the race. I hope to find a great spot towards the finishing line to get some good pictures of my man and his running buddies. If I'm successful I will share some here, and possibly the Pensacola News Journal!



Oh, he is so cute!
I love taking baby pictures, but I want to take the baby home with me each time!
This little guy is the fourth child in his family, and he's receiving as much attention from his mother as a first newborn.  As you can tell, Ashley is madly in love with her little boy.  I so much enjoyed photographing that connection.  And jumped on every occasion to hold cuddly, sweet Parker.
He's just as mesmerized by Ashley as she is fascinated with him,

So gentle, 

Now, that's a deep slumber,



Sorry, it's been a little while since my last entry. I've been a little busy and the children were out of school, so I traded some computer-time for family-quality time...
Today I was working on some baby pictures of Kade. I love his name, and he's the sweetest baby, an other one who really makes me wonder if we shouldn't have just one last little Langhorne.
His family is very involved with Football, I wish I could have taken a picture of him in a helmet, but none were around that day.  We did find the football, and he hugged it in his sleep, looks like he's going to fall right in his father's steps.

Amazing how they can be comfortable in the oddest positions,

Too cute, soon he'll be dragging that bear behind him, and it will always be fun to have this picture, where the bear is holding him.

I love their expressions,

That's it for today, soon to come more adorable babies.  
A big thanks to Laura for her nice comment, and to "celulite" (where did that come from?).
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I hardly ever blog about us, but yesterday was so much fun, I couldn't resist sharing a few pictures. I say a few, but I might have gotten carried away as these are my favorite people in the world, I have a very hard time with making a small selection.
My son, Will is now 10 years old, and I swear that only yesterday I was in the hospital holding him a newborn in my arms. It's true, there is no time to blink, they grow so fast. He's now probably 5,2, comes up to my nose and wears a size 7.5 man shoes!!! He's on his way to be taller than his dad..
We've been enjoying my family, who's been visiting from France, and have been spending time with them at the beach, as it's spring break.
For a couple of days there was a purple flag raised, warning beach goers from dangerous critter, following are pictures of a Portuguese Man-of-War. Many had washed on the shore and my children stayed real busy popping them and burying them deep in the sand.

They are highly venomous creatures.  Somehow they're a colony of species, not just one.  It was interesting to read about them, kind of creepy, mostly scary to know they were all over and so dangerous.
Burial process,

Mission accomplished, we spend a good part of the day digging holes for them.  They looked like water bottles scattered on the shore.

And yesterday, Will was one lucky boy: he had his first taste of surf, with an hour lesson taught by surfer legend Yancy Spencer the third.  It was so much fun watching him having the time of his life.  He managed to stand on the board on his first try, and many more times afterwards, and had the largest grin stuck on his face.  It was Will's idea to get a lesson, before I signed him up for a week summer camp.  Very wisely, he suggested to try and see if he liked it first.
Well, it was such a success, we headed straight to Innerlight (the big local surf store), to buy his first board.  There, we realized who Yancy is and the magnitude of his authority on the sport, and feel very privilege that he introduced Will to surfing.

The board went flying in the air, I'm not sure what happen to Will then..

I bet he will be sore today.

Magalie was dying to try it, and Yancy took her out too, just far enough.

Here's the happy bunch,

Beautiful sweet children

Hello everyone. Once again I had the privilege to photograph this beautiful family. They're all soooo sweet! I was greeted by huge smiles, and when the session was over I received the biggest hugs and kisses. They just melted my heart...
David, with always a grin on his face:

Anthony, busy and inquisitive little man,

Precious little Yana,

And Flora,

We did some dress up, I love Yana's flashy Boa's crown

Anthony was superman, and soon he was climbing up the tree in the background,

I wonder what was in Flora's mind at that moment, and I love her expression in this image.

Around that building, David found some rolly-poly bugs (I'm sure they have very scientific name, but that's the only one I know) he carefully kept one in a hallow acorn, and gave it his best care. As it was time to leave, I noticed he had turned his cup holder in his mother's nice car into a natural habitat for his new friend.