Grier is a senior and just gorgeous. We had a great time scurrying for different locations that would suit her different styles. I loved that she came with many sets of clothes and shoes. This was fun, I look forward to photograph more of her age group.

Sweet Family

This was such a nice family. Max, the youngest only knows how to smile, while his brother Spencer was a little more reserved but such a handsome boy.
I love the picture of the children playing in the back, with the focus on the parents. We had to watch little Max carefully, he's in that stage of discovery through the mouth, and he was trying it all!

Family pictures

What a beautiful family, and wonderful people. This last spring they brought in a new member to their home, adorable Saddie, from Russia. The whole process of adoption is so much harder than a pregnancy, I'm in awe of my friends who go through that painful and emotional journey. What a reward it must be to return home with the new little loved one!
Saddie's big brothers are just crazy about her, and I believe she owes her lovely name to them. She is thriving in her new home, finally with her family.


A new baby girl

This baby was just adorable! And the parents so sweet. I love seeing first time parents discovering how much love we feel for our children. I'm pretty sure we all think that we've topped the "love index" when we first see this precious new life, that no one else in the world can possibly be so much in love with their baby.
This is a dangerous business, photographing newborns... just this morning I was wondering...about a fourth baby..
Here is sweet Findley,

I love this picture, it's just innocence and peace.

Didn't I say they were sweet?

Some say babies see angels when they smile...

Last of DC

This is the last of DC, a beautiful family. I love the colors of the fall there.
We are just a few days from Christmas ( I don't dare counting exactly how much, I could have a panic attack!) and it's hot and muggy in Pensacola. We are buying our tree in shorts and T-shirts! I don't think we get much of a season change in this part of the world, and somehow every year I forget that and hope for one... I must be conditioned from my childhood in France with true seasons, just expect it, and it's not happening! Oh well, we can always travel.