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Hi there,
Woa, it's been a very busy week, with lots of "end-of-the year" parties at school for the children.  They are so excited about the summer.
A little change here: I have a new FANTASTIC blog.  So come and visit me:
I'll tell you more an other time, as I'm being assaulted by my girls, who went into my make-up drawer and are covering me (as I'm typing, I'm all about multitasking...) with bright colors!  On paper, we're having trouble with staying within the lines, I'm afraid to look in a mirror after 7 coats of different flashy "rouge".  I can feel the make up!!!!  My hair has about 25  bows in it?!!
Come check my blog, if I'm brave I might even post a picture of my make-over....I'm told I look very fancy...



A little Coco update:
Our new baby is adjusting fine to her new home. Puppy school is going great, she's making me very proud, can still improve her house training though ... But overall, she's a bundle of joy for the whole family. As you can see, I had to have a "baby session" with Coco, it will be as close as I'll have get to having a picture of one of my babies in my hands (the others, the real babies are way too grown up now...)

I had lots of pictures of Coco, and I did worry a bit that I might bore you with 13 or so, so I made this quick collage. It would also be nice with people pictures.. or cute children, and babies with baby parts...
There's an other big dog: Indies, our very first baby, she's now an old lady, 13 years this summer! She's tolerating the new arrival, but isn't too thrilled with her, I think all the energy is just exhausting her.



Back to blogging, I'm catching up this weekend, still more pictures to post. Today, Lacy's pictures, first baby, in fact she's due tomorrow, I'm so excited for them. Delivering a baby into the world is such a VERY important day in our lives, so much emotion, happiness. This little one (boy or girl? it will be a surprise), is going to be blessed with beautiful loving parents, I had such a nice time during our session, it was great meeting you, and I'm looking forward to photographing your precious baby.

I felt so at home in their house, it has a french feel to it...  Lacy is a very talented interior decorator, they just recently moved back into town, but I hope she will put her skills to practice here...

One of my favorites,



Blogging again, so soon...
Katie is a little "cousine". Her dad, Paul is my mother's cousin, and he married Amy from Pensacola, they live in Wyoming, and I was hoping that we would see them often, now that his in-laws all live here, but he's still pretty busy, and hasn't traveled much our way. Still I got to see Amy and meet their beautiful little girl. She's 2 days shy of being 3 months on these pictures.  I also put together for them a birth announcement card.



She's just so sweet,

I thought this was funny,

Love those rolls,

Enjoying some "sugar" as they say around here (I'm becoming soo american..)



Jane is graduating and we had a little senior session. I love those, they're so much fun, a treat every girl should have, wonderful memories for parents... If you haven't yet, it's time to book one...
I haven't blogged for a little while, Coco is keeping me busy (house training is not yet accomplished, we're trying hard, which means going out & play very often..), the kids are getting out of school (Yikes!), lots of really cool pictures to process (and will soon be on their way here)...
Onto Jane, she is just stunning, beautiful, amazing blue eyes, full of charm, see for yourselves:
Love that dress,

beautiful legs,

We had to take the fun street picture,

Those eyes.. in America there are lots of "deep blue ocean" eyes.. (I grew up around the Mediterranee, where we all had brown eyes, no blue)

I love this shot,

OK, now she fits right into some fancy fashion magazine with this image,

Thank you Jane for contacting me, I had a great time.  Best of luck in college.
And thank you so much for the comments, it's so nice to get some feedback.



We have a new baby!!!
I've been talking about this for a while, and last week, without much notice, I surprised my family with Coco (as Chanel....). It took us a few days to come up with her name, 5 of us to contend... finally we choose the same name as my cousin's dog, but it fits her so well. When I walked in the house with my tiny surprise the kids were ecstatic, they love her. And she's such a good dog, she's fulfilling her role of "baby-substitute" perfectly. She very cuddly, very affectionate, will stay this perfect baby size for ever...( she's a lap-dog, a king's Charles Spaniel), so soft, playful, keeps her teething to her chewing toys (and occasionally my fingers..), we're smitten with her. The children are being very responsible, house training is going well, we're starting puppy school next week ( proper education is a must!).
Isn't she sooooo cute?

She's so good to the children, who just can't resist picking her up,

I bet you're all saying "awww", just so that you know, she still has a twin sister waiting to be adopted....  Let me know, and I'll put you in touch with their breeder.

You can leave me a comment (click on the comment link, right below this post), you know how proud mamas love to boost about their babies, and how we love to hear compliments...  I would love to hear what you have to say about my "cocotte"


THE Boston Matathon

We're back!!!  I had some work waiting for me and wasn't able to post right away.  The trip was wonderful.  In the days preceding the race, the town was invaded by runners (you could spot them easily in the crowds, wearing their fancy running shoes, and running clothes), there was a frenzy kinda of atmosphere...
We were with a running group from Pensacola (including Paul and Cherie Epstein from running wild, Brian and Crystal Spencer).  There were several very nice meals, all organized by Crystal (thank you so much) and listening to the athletes I couldn't help but feel like a sorry couch potato!!!  You should hear the kind of training they go through, it's a wild regimen of intense exercise.  Of course, many of them have also accomplished the iron man race (something like 2 1/2 miles of swimming, than 100 miles of biking, and to finish it off a marathon!! as if the first part wasn't enough?)  Like I said they're athletes, not just "in shape".  I was defenetly intimidated by their endurance, but listening to them I was also motivated to get back in shape, so this past week I've put my running shoes back on, my ipod, and I'm hitting the road... We'll see how long that last.
On to the pictures, here is Henry, so close to the finishing line.
I must thank Dan, the manager of the Lenox hotel, he kindly gave me his office with prime window view of the last stretch of the marathon.  Thanks to him I was able to get some great shots of our group without fighting the crowds.
But mostly, I would have never been able to record any of this fantastic event without the help of Brian's cousins: Martin and Linda.  They're from the area and drove us (I was with Crystal), from our hotel, to the starting line, through traffic to the crossing line at the end.  I had the best time in their company and am so grateful they took me along, because on my own, I'm not sure I would have seen a thing.

With a best personal record time of 2 hours and 57 minutes, Brian Spencer on the left, with Paul Epstein and Mike Tapia.

Yes, this is Lance.  7 times winner of the Tour de France... I really wish that maybe soon a fellow frenchman could get the title..

And here, for my friend Patsy Brown, the very inspiring team: Dick Hoyt and his son.

At last, right after the finish line, most of our group from Pensacola: (left to right) Erika Smith, Mike Mc Comb, Meri Asmar, Cherie and Paul Epstein, Henry, Mike Tapia, and Brian Spencer.

From my view point, up in the beautiful Lenox hotel, the finishing line.  The cheering crowds never thinned through out the whole 26.3 miles!!!

For those who wish to see more of my coverage of the event, here is a direct link to my website with a slideshow:
Or go to my website: www.ariellelanghorne.com, choose "client login", the password is: boston_08