Again, I might be posting many pictures, but there was so much to choose from. And Stephanie is so beautiful, it makes the choice very difficult. We had a good time scouting downtown for our "urban session", it was mighty cold that day, and she was a trouper. I hope to get more highschool teens to photograph, they're always a lot of fun, come up with the coolest clothes, and are usually comfortable in front of a camera, it all makes for beautiful pictures. I was going to say: that the teen years/ highscool is a very important time of our life, so it's really crucial to recording it with pictures, but I pretty much feel that way about everyday of our lives... Ask my poor children, they probably think my camera is part of my body!
Still, there's a lot going on during that precollege time, big changes, lots of growing, and then they're off to college, so make sure you get plenty photos.



Meet Colton, a beautiful baby. As if having a new born wasn't enough excitement in their life, his parents had to move across the country shortly after his birth, all that right around Christmas! I would have lost my mind, but I'm sure they're doing great.

We tried fitting him in the tin box, but he was already out growing it.

I love this feet picture, in his dad's hand.

So cute!

An other Noah!

This Noah came with his parents, and his big sister, Sydney. I just had to post one of her pictures too. Her baby brother was so sweet and posed like a charm. I love baby time, and like I've said before these infant session awake in me a maternal rush.
We might be getting a puppy pretty soon, it's not the same, I know, but it might just do the trick!
Wishing you the best,

Look at this cute little dimple he has!


OK, maybe this is too many pictures, I hope not. He was just so sweet, I couldn't resist. Noah came to my home with his parents and grand parents for his "infant" session at just 2 weeks. We tried to get the shot where he could fit in his parents palms ( which, even though he was a big baby, would have worked since his father has such big hands), however, Noah wouldn't hear of it. Although he passed his 2 weeks visit with flying colors, his perceptive mother insisted on an other exam, and his hip dysplasia was finally diagnosed. I praise his mother's instincts, and persistence, Noah's condition is easily fixed at this stage of his life, where it would have been a much bigger problem later on if unnoticed. This little fellow has a beautiful and loving family, I wish you all the best, after a rough start.


Christmas cards

3 more examples of Christmas cards,
I've been photographing Walton since he's 8 days old, he is just precious and I love his parents.

Here is Walton's whole family, on his mother's side. I was afraid that 5 dogs would be a bit of a challenge, but not so, they are quite experienced in the art of posing as they perform every year for the family picture. It was a breeze, and a lot of fun to be around the whole clan.

It would be hard not to take a good picture of these beautiful children, I know them well as their mother is one of my very best friends. Aside from their good looks they are also smart, kind and very cool. Harrison is in charge of setting my phone's ring tone to the latest song, helping me to stay somewhat "hip", and hanging around the girls I get a sense of fashion, they are very much up to date on the trends.