Ariel & John

Just finished working on a few pictures from this beautiful wedding.  It took place on Ono Island, the day the weather channel expected a small hurricane to land on our coast, and it was an outdoor wedding!  Surprisingly it was OK, it rained only while the bride was getting ready, and during the reception, the sky was beautiful, maybe a little dark.
Dorene Nash, from Mobile was the hired photographer and I was second shooting for her. The bride was just stunning beautiful, and I love her name!  She goes by her middle name, which is my first name, only spelled a little differently, and her first name is my middle name, Francine.

Ariel's mother looked more like her sister, she's helping one of the bride's maid with her hair,

An other bride's maid, John's sister

Little gifts for the bride's maids,

Gorgeous, and so happy to marry John,

A lesson in ties,

The children loved it when Dorene let them go wild and jump on the bed,

Very exotic flowers,

OK, still cloudy, but beautiful sunset,

Very much in love, so cute together, just married!

The best band ever, Hip Boot Joe

The wedding party,

At the end of the reception Ariel, sang with the band and was having a blast dancing with the guests,

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