Christmas cards

3 more examples of Christmas cards,
I've been photographing Walton since he's 8 days old, he is just precious and I love his parents.

Here is Walton's whole family, on his mother's side. I was afraid that 5 dogs would be a bit of a challenge, but not so, they are quite experienced in the art of posing as they perform every year for the family picture. It was a breeze, and a lot of fun to be around the whole clan.

It would be hard not to take a good picture of these beautiful children, I know them well as their mother is one of my very best friends. Aside from their good looks they are also smart, kind and very cool. Harrison is in charge of setting my phone's ring tone to the latest song, helping me to stay somewhat "hip", and hanging around the girls I get a sense of fashion, they are very much up to date on the trends.

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