A little Coco update:
Our new baby is adjusting fine to her new home. Puppy school is going great, she's making me very proud, can still improve her house training though ... But overall, she's a bundle of joy for the whole family. As you can see, I had to have a "baby session" with Coco, it will be as close as I'll have get to having a picture of one of my babies in my hands (the others, the real babies are way too grown up now...)

I had lots of pictures of Coco, and I did worry a bit that I might bore you with 13 or so, so I made this quick collage. It would also be nice with people pictures.. or cute children, and babies with baby parts...
There's an other big dog: Indies, our very first baby, she's now an old lady, 13 years this summer! She's tolerating the new arrival, but isn't too thrilled with her, I think all the energy is just exhausting her.

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