New Blog

Hi there,
Woa, it's been a very busy week, with lots of "end-of-the year" parties at school for the children.  They are so excited about the summer.
A little change here: I have a new FANTASTIC blog.  So come and visit me:
I'll tell you more an other time, as I'm being assaulted by my girls, who went into my make-up drawer and are covering me (as I'm typing, I'm all about multitasking...) with bright colors!  On paper, we're having trouble with staying within the lines, I'm afraid to look in a mirror after 7 coats of different flashy "rouge".  I can feel the make up!!!!  My hair has about 25  bows in it?!!
Come check my blog, if I'm brave I might even post a picture of my make-over....I'm told I look very fancy...

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